Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Google Pay Coming Soon named as Pony Express!!!

Google is working on project called Pony Express!!!, It is used to pay bills from your gmail.

All billing mails coming to our gmail, So Google is working on payment from the gmail. They temporarily name this project as Pony Express,

After bill receives to mail it will ask permission to pay and it will ask your address,card number,security information,card number etc., after it will verification process you can now pay bill using credit/debit card,bank account through Gmail/Inbox.

All payments saved in separate folder in gmail.Google is working with billing companies to print the bill and send that through mail.Pony Express is not final name it may get changed.

So,get ready for the ride in Pony Express!!!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

You can send money through Facebook

Now you can able to send money through the facebook messenger

Facebook announced on March 17 2015, we can send money through the facebook with free of cost. Soon it will be available in all over the world in Apple,Android and Desktop.

We can use debit cards to share money through facebook. It is good news that largest social network is processing payment with security.

Facebook expand internationally after service will available in US.this service includes paypal also.

To send money to your friend from messenger they added new "$" icon on top near to photo share.enter the amount and click pay then enter card number and other details. For first time we need to enter card number.From next time use you will enter the pin and save.use pin to send money that's enough.

On Apple phone we have fingerprint option instead of pin. So you can use fingerprint to send money.

They separated the payment part from normal facebook space, they are working on monitoring and control payments.

No need to worries about security because they have an advertise and game payment methods already.

Get Ready Guys!!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Buy a OnePlus One in India without an invite on 24-March-2015

One Day Offer for OnePlus One !!!

No need invite for oneplus one on [24-03-2015]

The 24 hours starts from 24-03-2015 morning 10 am.Smartphone Price is as usual Rs.21,999. It is available in [Amazon India]

This invite free sale is to cut the sales of Xiaomi MI 4.

Get Ready!!!

Android Lollipop 5.1 new features for developers

Google launched the API 22.

Google Added lot many features and restrictions in API 22 lollipop 5.1

  1. Added Multiple SIM supports.Before It is not available by default but now it supports more than one sim carriers.So Os developers will happy to hear this news
  2. Deprecated HTTP Classes like org.apache.http and AndroidHttpclient. We need to use URLConnection classes for future connections Google officially announced developers to modify the code from http to URLConnection. It is headache for Developers :(
  3. Android 5.1 Supports the Carries Services from telecommunication service providers carrier service task must be signed with Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) certificate.For this future they modified the telephonymanager,smsmanager and new  CarrierMessagingService class added. check below links


    Check the official site
    Check Back-end Compatibility 
    Visit site regularly for more updates!!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Android Lollipop 5.1 new features for consumers

Google launched the Android 5.1 on March 9.
  1. Main Advanced feature is security of mobile. If your mobile stolen or lost by someone you don't worry if you locked the mobile then it will not open until you will logging in google account even though device is factory rest.
  2. Another Main feature of 5.1 is HD video Calling facility. Now Android also having video calling facility with high definition
  3. Android now supports multiple sim by default.Now a days all mobile devices coming with dual sim.Before android will support only one sim by default. Device manufacturers need to modify the source but now no worries
  4. Added Additional shortcuts (Quick Settings) for Wifi and Bluetooth like wi-fi hotspot and control bluetooth devices
  5. Silent Mode added again on 5.1 it is missed in 5.0
    HD calling

  6. Improved notifications and interruptions, we can call it as smart notifications
  7. Android 5.1 will save the configuration for poor connection wifi so worries for connections like hotel,restaurants
  8. Added Security on Browsing mainly on open wifi network. they added the google security VPN. while you connect through open network it will ask permission to transmit data via Google Security VPN, so it now Headache for Hackers!!!
  9. Fixes and improvements according to the consumers feedback's and improved the sound and google now functionality

    Now it is available for Nexus and Android One Devices. Others need to wait until our manufactures release!!!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Enable WhatsApp call feature in android

Steps Need to Done :
  1. Update whatsapp to latest version 2.11.561+ now it is available in google play store
  2. Ask someone to call your number who having whatsapp call feature right now
  3. After see your interface will changes to three tabs like below image
  4. You can call now who ever want this feature

Have fun with whatsapp calling. But hike is already implemented their beta calling features before 3 months try that and post about quality of call.

Note : For version 2.12.5 It is not working. they limited the call features.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Google opens its first Shop in London

Google Shop

Google has opened its initially marked store called The Google Shop, at Currys PC World in London.

The store will offers Android devices,Android tablets,Chromebooks and Chromecast dongles and also explaining their other products too.

Additionally, An immersive screen establishment called "Portal", where we can "fly" through any piece of the planet through Google Earth.

It also providing the customers to understand about security of the devices and how the interconnected.

They offering events and learning centers for children's and teachers.

Google planning to open more number of shops upcoming months.  

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Use multiple emulators logs in android via terminal

Run n number of emulators and check their status,log etc.,

You can use lot many emulators, but lot many people don't know how to see logcat of different emulators with particular log value.

start two emulators from the Android Device Manager

Look the image how to get particular log from particular emulator.

$ ./adb -s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --options

If you need any additional adb commend, comment on post!!! 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Debug android device over wifi in ubuntu/linux

Non-Rooted Devices

1.Connect the Phone to computer with USB.     
  • Go to android sdk platform tools path
           $ ./adb devices
  • install adb using  sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb
           $ adb devices

     your device will display with serial number if it is not displayed change the USB connection to MTP or PTP

2.There are two ways to set properties
  •  Normal method         
           $ ./adb tcpip 5555
           $ adb tcpip 5555
  • If above not worked then try this
          $ adb shell or ./adb shell
          $ setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555
          $ stop adbd
          $ start adbd

3.To Get ip address

          $ adb shell or ./adb shell
          $ netcfg 
         it will display all interfaces ip ,you take IP of wlan0

4.Now remove the USB from system and type in terminal

         $ adb connect ip:5555
          It will show connected status

Rooted Devices

1.Download the Terminal emulator for android from the play store link.

2.Type the below commend in terminal
          $ su
          $ setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555
          $ stop adbd
          $ start adbd

3.To Get ip address

          $ adb shell or ./adb shell
          $ netcfg
         it will display all interfaces ip ,you take IP of wlan0

4.Now remove the USB from system and type in terminal

         $ adb connect ip:5555    
          It will show connected status
Note : Mobile and Computer should be connected to same local network.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Create and Run shell script in Linux/Ubuntu

There are three steps to run the shell script

1.Write Script

 Open Terminal in the linux/ubuntu machine
 (Shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T )
 Use any of your linux Editor to write the code

Create file with extension of .sh
eg., sudo nano

Shell script must contain the below line at the top


this is used to to get current shell interpreter


  #Test shell script
  echo "Hello User"

2.Covert to executable file

Convert the .sh file to executable

sudo chmod +x
sudo chmod 755

It will ask password for sudo , Enter your password.

3.Execute the script

In terminal type


That's it.

Note :
#! - it is not a comment used to indicate shell script
#  - for added comment
echo- display message