Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Android Lollipop 5.1 new features for consumers

Google launched the Android 5.1 on March 9.
  1. Main Advanced feature is security of mobile. If your mobile stolen or lost by someone you don't worry if you locked the mobile then it will not open until you will logging in google account even though device is factory rest.
  2. Another Main feature of 5.1 is HD video Calling facility. Now Android also having video calling facility with high definition
  3. Android now supports multiple sim by default.Now a days all mobile devices coming with dual sim.Before android will support only one sim by default. Device manufacturers need to modify the source but now no worries
  4. Added Additional shortcuts (Quick Settings) for Wifi and Bluetooth like wi-fi hotspot and control bluetooth devices
  5. Silent Mode added again on 5.1 it is missed in 5.0
    HD calling

  6. Improved notifications and interruptions, we can call it as smart notifications
  7. Android 5.1 will save the configuration for poor connection wifi so worries for connections like hotel,restaurants
  8. Added Security on Browsing mainly on open wifi network. they added the google security VPN. while you connect through open network it will ask permission to transmit data via Google Security VPN, so it now Headache for Hackers!!!
  9. Fixes and improvements according to the consumers feedback's and improved the sound and google now functionality

    Now it is available for Nexus and Android One Devices. Others need to wait until our manufactures release!!!