Thursday, 19 March 2015

You can send money through Facebook

Now you can able to send money through the facebook messenger

Facebook announced on March 17 2015, we can send money through the facebook with free of cost. Soon it will be available in all over the world in Apple,Android and Desktop.

We can use debit cards to share money through facebook. It is good news that largest social network is processing payment with security.

Facebook expand internationally after service will available in US.this service includes paypal also.

To send money to your friend from messenger they added new "$" icon on top near to photo share.enter the amount and click pay then enter card number and other details. For first time we need to enter card number.From next time use you will enter the pin and save.use pin to send money that's enough.

On Apple phone we have fingerprint option instead of pin. So you can use fingerprint to send money.

They separated the payment part from normal facebook space, they are working on monitoring and control payments.

No need to worries about security because they have an advertise and game payment methods already.

Get Ready Guys!!!