Saturday, 4 April 2015

Microsoft announced Own Linux OS as Miux

Microsoft announced Linux  OS with Windows 10 release.Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said "Windows loves Linux".

We know that Microsoft and Mac OS is enterprise edition's, but microsoft planning this become open source. So the entire tech people are surprised !!!  but they said it become 50% less cost than the original Windows 10.

The new Windows + Linux is named as Miux

They implemented more number of features from Linux. Miux looks like Windows 10 but its an new desktop environment.

Miux is not having any default browsers like IE 11,Spartan etc., they working on new browser called Asterix. 

Number of features took from linux as listed below:-

  1. Multiple desktops from linux workspaces
  2. Task view from window spread
  3. Desktop plus with online search
  4. Borderless windows and flat icons
  5. OS for mobile and desktop
  6. Windows package manager
Some of other features also added in Windows 10 and Miux.