Saturday, 4 April 2015

OxygenOS for OnePlus one

One plus one team announced new Lollipop version it is called OxygenOS. It is an one plus one's custom os, before company used cyanogenmod custom Os.

Now the company made their own OS called OxygenOS. They started making OnePlus hardware now they making OS too. Check out installation and guidance with documentation in official Oxygen page.

It is an Lollipop based OS so we can get every new features in this. check out the below video how it look like

They added lot many new features and they removed unwanted features and modified quick settings. From the video we get to know that they made awesome quick settings, file manager,gestures etc.,

OnePlus concentrated mainly on Battery life and performance, because these two are very important for the mobile.

Previously they announced that "we will release Oxygen in March" but at last minute due to some  quality control they delayed the release.

Owners of OnePlus lets celebrate this!!!