Saturday, 18 April 2015

Save The Internet, Rise Our Hands Together We Need Network Neutrality

As per Indian telecom and TRAI we no need to pay for the internet but if you wanna use WhatsApp pay separately, If you wanna use Facebook pay separately etc.,

Are you ready to pay ??? absolutely Answer is NO. So what we can do to stop this !!!
Just Follow the Steps mentions below
  • Please sign this petition in  Click Here
  • Just signing the petition will not help us, we need to send mails to TRAI giving our response (along with justifications) to those 20 questions asked by them. Just Go or and send your response
Click here to view a sample doc containing answers for those 20 questions.

See this video to what will happen if net neutrality gone

The deadline is 24th April 2015 few more days to go. If you want more visit this page .