Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Transfer funds via WhatsApp and Other Social Networks

AXISBANK introduces Ping Pay. 
Is it Possible to share money on social network as like photos and image ????
Yes It is possible via Ping Pay AxisBank.

Check this link for more.

Now you can transfer amount via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and even phone contacts etc., The person to person payment is immediate payment method IMPS, and Limit will 50,000 per day.

Even non-Axis bank users also use this service and You can recharge from Ping Pay. You can transfer money without typing account number and IFSC code.

You can sent Money to Social networking people set Ping PIN Firest, 
  • Select person name
  • Enter the Amount 
  • Enter the PIN
  • After confirmation amount will be transferred. 
With in 15 days Receiver has to transfer money to their respective Bank account. After 15 days Auto renewal will be happened.

This Makes major role in cashless economy. Get ready dudes!!!